Issued: 31/03/2020

Latest Review: 16/06/21


BLPS Company Policy in response to Covid-19 outbreak:

Belfast Lough Pilotage Services Ltd. are committed to minimising the risk of spread of the Covid-19 virus, and have taken proactive measures in collaboration with our principal clients.   All BLPS Pilots are following Northern Ireland Public Health Agency advice on precautions against the spread of the Covid-19 virus:  


BLPS Pilots will only present themselves for duty if they are feeling well and are not experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 as detailed by the NHS*, and:  

o They have not knowingly been in contact with anyone with Covid19 in the past 14 days.

o If they have previously experienced symptoms of Covid-19, they have been free of symptoms for 7 or more days.


Whilst on board ships and transiting to / from ships, BLPS Pilots will:

o Adhere to social distancing and maintain 1.5m at all times where this is physically possible.

o Perform frequent hand hygiene

o Wear latex gloves (or similar) and interact minimally with bridge equipment

o Wear a medical face mask or non medical "community mask"

o Additional PPE will be used as per the latest advice from the EU Healthy Gateways website: 

o Comply with any reasonable individual company requirements**  


Due to the nature of Pilot booking allocation process within the pilotage districts BLPS Pilots serve, it is not possible to respond to individual requests for forms to be completed.
This Policy should be accepted in lieu of such requests.

This policy will be updated to reflect the latest advice, for the latest version please consult:   

**where such Company requirements are in excess of the Public Health Agency advice or involve use of additional PPE the Company must advise BLPS in advance and make available any such PPE.